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Westmark Electronics

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Westmark Electronics is a Manufacturers' Representative firm covering the Northwestern USA and Western Canada.  We provide sales and technical support to companies that design or build electronic products.
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Hall Effect and Current Sensors, Motor Drivers.
Distributors: Arrow, Digi-key, Newark
Capacitors for the Power Electronics, including aluminum electrolytic, polypropylene film, and high power mica capacitors. 
 Distributors: Allied, Arrow, Digi-Key, Future, Mouser, Newark, Richardson, Sager, TTI, Walker
Configurable Mixed Signal ICs, Wireless Connectivity, LED lighting Drivers, Power Management, Audio, Haptics, Power Conversion.
Distributors: Avnet, Digikey, Mouser.
Magnetics for LAN, Telecom, DC/DC, Inductors, RF. 
Distributors: Avnet, Future, Mouser,
Network Appliances, Hardware Accelerators, Industrial controls, ODM Services.
Distributor: Arrow, Avnet, Mouser
Miniature Electrolytic, Film and Super Capacitors, Snap-In, Photoflash, Aluminum Polymer, Snubber, Motor Run.
Distributors: Allied, Arrow, Digi-key, Future, Mouser, Newark, Richardson, TTI, Walker
Microphones, Balanced Armature Speakers Advanced Audio processing solutions
Circuit Protection Devices, Electronic, Automotive and Power Fuses, Transient Suppression, Telecom Protection, Power Semicondutors (IXYS)
Distributors: Allied Electronics, Arrow, Digikey, Future, Newark, Mouser, TTI
LCD Displays for Embedded, Automotive, Health Care, POS, Test & Measurement, and Industrial Controls.
Distributor: Avnet
Rich IoT solutions supporting Voice, Dispaly and AI vision.
Accelerometers, Tilt sensors for Industrial, Consumer and Automotive markets.
Capacitors, Inductors, Resonators, RF Components, EMI/RFI Filters, Sensors, RF Modules. AC and DC power supplies, Timing Devices.  


Distributors: Arrow, Avnet, Digikey, Future, Mouser, TTI
MEMs Based Timing Devices. KHz and MHz Oscillators for low power for space constrained applications.


Distributors: Arrow, Avnet, Digikey, Mouser.
Flash Memory: ONFI SLC NAND, SPI NAND, Managed NAND.



Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho

Allegro, Cornell Dubilier, Dialog, Halo, IEI, Illinois Capacitor, Knowles, LG Displays, Littelfuse, Man Yue, Mediatek, Memsic, Murata, Murata Power Solutions, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory

Southern Idaho

Cornell Dubilier​, Dialog, IEI, Illinois Capacitor, Knowles, LG Displays,​ ​​Littelfuse, Man Yue, Mediatek, Murata, Memsic, Murata Power Solutions, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory

Allegro, Cornell Dubilier, Dialog, Everspin, IEI, Illinois Capacitor, ​Knowles, LG Displays, Man Yue, Mediatek, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory

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8705 SW Nimbus Ave., Suite 320
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1750 112th Ave NE, Suite C-225
Bellevue, WA 98004
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Vancouver BC

4170 Still Creek Dr, Suite 200
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