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Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho

Allegro, Atlas Magnetics, Bellwether, C&K, Cornell Dubilier, Halo, IEI, Knowles, LG Displays, Littelfuse, Man Yue, Mediatek, Memsic, Murata, Murata Power Solutions, Omron, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory, Telink

Southern Idaho

Atlas Magnetics, Bellwether, C&K, Cornell Dubilier​, IEI, Knowles, LG Displays,​ ​​Littelfuse, Man Yue, Mediatek, Murata, Memsic, Murata Power Solutions, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory, Telink

Western Canada

Allegro, Atlas Magnetics, Bellwether, Cornell Dubilier, Everspin, Halo, IEI, ​Knowles, LG Displays, Man Yue, Mediatek, Memsic, SiTime, Skyhigh Memory, Telink

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